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510-T Starter Kit (2 Units)

by: Joyetech

The 510-T entry level model to the Tank system which allows you to drip our Gourmet Organic eJuice into a cartridge without any fibrous batting inside. This makes the filling process much easier and less frustrating than the 808. Used by many companies Internationally, the 510-T is a reliable unit produces a great vapour cloud. Measuring in at only 112 (with cartridge on), the 510-T provides the premium electronic cigarette smoking experience. This kit comes with 2 rechargeable 150mAh batteries, 2 atomizers, 1 USB Charger Adapter, 1 Wall Charger, 5 pack of cartridges, 1 10ml bottle of Crave Gourmet eJuice, and manual.

Fast facts about the 510-T

  • Batteries will last approx 150 puffs per charge
  • Batteries will take approx 1-2 hours to charge fully
  • Batteries can be charged approx 300 times
  • Cartridges last approx 160 puffs
  • 10 puffs is equivalent to 1 traditional cigarette
  • Cartridges are refillable

There are 2 ways to fill or refill an empty cartridge.

2 ways to fill or refill an empty cartridge:

  • First way is to remove the plastic end piece (the end that goes into the 510-T) and use the dropper bottle and apply 1 ml of our Gourmet Organic eJuice (from an eye dropper bottle). Replace the plastic cap to close the cartridge and wipe any drips clean with a paper towel. Insert the cartridge into the 510-T firmly until you feel it is completely inserted (with a new cartridge you will feel a little snap as the atomizer punctures the cartridge).
  • The second way is to use a blunt tip syringe and fill the syringe with 1 ml of our Gourmet Organic eJuice through the plastic end piece (the end that is inserted into the 510-T). If you are using a brand new cartridge, insert the empty cartridge into the 510-T until the atomizer punctures the cartridge to create the whole needed to fill the cartridge using this method.

Note: As you reuse the cartridge the atomizer increases the size of the whole in the cartridge and can cause leaking. If you cartridge is leaking, toss it out and start with a new one.


Please Be Advised:

Crave Gourmet eJuice is only to be used by adults over the age of 18, or above the legal smoking age in their specific country/region. 


Also note:

For your protection, please keep out of reach of children and pets - ingestion of certain components can present a choking hazard.

Crave Gourmet eJuice is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested or guaranteed as such. 

If you are a smoker of traditional tobacco products, you are encouraged to stop.