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What is Crave Gourmet eJuice?

We specialize in Gourmet eJuice & concentrates for use in electronic cigarettes & personal vaporizers. Our nicotine free liquids can also be used for flavouring anything in the culinary world.

It is primarily used as an alternative to using tobacco products; for people looking for something new to enjoy. We find a lot of people enjoy using our eJuice even if they were not previous tobacco users.

Chef Matt is a Red Seal Chef and produce all of our eJuice using Certified Organic Products. Our products do not contain chemicals or any of the other bad things you would normally find in a regular tobacco products, with the exception of our Propylene Glycol line of eJuice. Our VapeWare takes our Gourmet Organic eJuice and turns it into flavoured water vapor providing a delicious alternative to smoking, or something to fulfill your cravings.

What is Crave VapeWare?

Crave Vapeware is personal sized vaporizers & accessories that are designed to help provide a enjoyable experience to help fend off your cravings. 

These provide the user with a a fantastic replacement for using tobacco products without the 4,000+ harmful chemicals that are found in traditional tobacco related products. For the casual users that never smoked previously, your vapeware is just a cool conversation starter that helps pass the day by!

Whether you are craving a cigarette or just a snack, our delicious eJuice brewed by our team of Chefs, packs the flavour you crave without harmful chemicals of cigarettes or high calorie content of junk food.

It’s all quite simple, the battery powers a heating element in the atomizer, that heats our Organic eJuice to just the right temperature to turn it into delicious tasting water vapour for you to enjoy! The batteries can be recharged and the atomizers can be used repeatedly. 

How does it work? What Are The Parts And What Do They Do?

Crave VapeWare converts flavoured Organic Vegetable Glycerin and/or Propylene Glycol liquids (distilled water-based) into a rapidly-dissipating water vapor!

Crave Vapeware instantly delivers a potent amount of mouth-watering vapor for as long as you inhale and keep it going! Then, as you blow out the vapor, you will feel the flavour notes roll off your tongue and leave you with an enjoyable aroma & after taste!

Step 1: Pour selected eJuice into a CLEAROMIZER:


A clearomizer is a transparent "fuel tank" that you fill with eJuice. The atomizer attaches inside of these. Clearomizers usually range from 1.5ml-5ml in size. It is typically made glass or pyrex, but plastic models still exist. 

Step 2: Attach your clearomizer to a charged BATTERY:


This is the powerhouse of the vaporizer. Without the battery, it cannot function. Batteries are commonly measured in "mAh". This is milli-amps per hour. The higher the number of "mAh" the longer your battery will last. On the other hand, it also means it will take slightly longer to fully charge ;). These days most batteries have a voltage control on them, and some even wattage control. This allows you to control the amount of power going to the atomizer. Most commonly batteries are manual. This means that you have to press down a button to activate the battery to give energy to the atomizer.

Step 3: Press the battery button and send power to the ATOMIZER:


This atomizer is contained usually inside of the clearomizer, or in the case of mods, inside of metal housing that gets screwed onto the battery. This is the component of the vaporizer that takes the power from the battery and uses it with the heating coil and wick/cotton. The atomizer is responsible for heating up the ejuice to vaporize. Think of this as the "furnace" of your vaporizer. In order for the juice to vaporize, it must soak into the cotton that is wrapped with hot coils.

Step 4: Enjoy your selected flavour and have fun blowing a nice big cloud with Crave Gourmet eJuice ;)!

Are electronic cigarettes a safe alternative?

Crave Gourmet eJuice is produced using Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients that are produced in FDA approved and inspected facilities. Then, following the secrete recipes developed by our Culinary Chef, these ingredients are combined to produce a incredible tasting Gourmet Premium eJuice. 

We do not make any claims that our products will help you quit smoking. This is due to the technology being in it’s infancy stages and requires long-term clinical trials and testing. However, Crave Gourmet eJuice's are certainly a healthier choice. Our product contains only a handful of safe ingredients opposed to the 4000+ chemicals found in conventional cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Quitting smoking is something that is done by making an individual choice to quit and by never giving up once that decision is made. There are no silver bullets, you really have to want to quit and be committed to making it happen; any product will only be as successful as the individual using it wants it to be. If you currently use tobacco products you are encouraged to stop.

At Crave Gourmet eJuice, we have taken extra steps towards providing a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products. Many companies on the market today are using artificial products to produce their eJuice. Crave can assure you that we use only Natural and Certified Organic ingredients to produce our line of Gourmet eJuice. This provides the cleanest, most refreshing tasting vapor on the market!

Is any smoke released during use?

Absolutely not! We think smoke is gross! You are inhaling eJuice. Deliciously flavoured water vapor that vanishes in seconds without the hazardous effects of traditional tobacco products, to the surrounding environment and people around you. Our eJuice and concentrates are made from using Certified Organic ingredients. No artificial coloring or flavours. Furthermore, there has been no hard evidence to suggest that "vaping" or being around "second-hand vape" is hazardous to health.  

To anyone near you, they will notice only an enjoyable scent of the flavour you are experiencing and on top of that suprisingly fresh breath!  

Imagine that, "vaping" actually improving your smell of your breath and clothes!

For example: If you vape in your car, you won't even need an air freshner!

Is Crave Gourmet eJuice a Smoking Cessation product?

Crave Gourmet eJuice is not a smoking cessation product. We do not claim that our eJuice & vapeware will help you quit smoking. This is intended as a smoking alternative or just for vaping. 

If you are a smoker of traditional tobacco products, you are encouraged to stop.

Crave Gourmet eJuice has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor is it intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. All ingredients purchased by Crave have been tested by the FDA or similar governing body at their point of origin and are deemed safe for human consumption.

Can I use Crave Gourmet eJuice anywhere?

Crave Gourmet eJuice produces vapor which is harmless therefore can be used in all public places and does not fall within the Smoking bylaws.

Is Crave Gourmet eJuice cheaper than traditional cigarettes?

I think that is a no brainer! Our eJuice is exponentially cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes! On average, we find most people vape 1-2 mls per day once they are regular users and truly begin to enjoy vaping.

At that rate, let's say:

2mls per day -> a 30ml bottle would last you **15(FIFTEEN)** Days!

In comparison to tobacco products: 

30ml bottle of Crave eJuice $17.95 VERSUS 1 pack of cigarettes approx $12.

It is clear that $17.95 per month with Crave vs $100's for tobacco products is definitely a better option!


Who should use Crave Gourmet eJuice?



  • People who are looking for the perfect smoking alternative 
  • People that have had a negative history of using tobacco products 
  • People who consider themselves to be "Casual" or "Social" tobacco users
  • People who are tired of being segregated and sent to awful "smoking designated" areas (smoke pit,dumpster area, outside in the rain, etc.)
  • People who feel embarrassed and disgusted by the smell of tobacco product smoke
  • People who would like assistance controlling their food cravings or enjoy a pleasant vape



  • People under the legal age requirements of your area
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women.
  • People who are taking medication without the consultation of your doctor





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