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What is Crave Gourmet eJuice?

We specialize in Gourmet eJuice for use in electronic cigarettes as an alternative to using tobacco products; for people who want to quit or reduce the amount of tobacco they smoke. Chef Matt is a Red Seal Chef and produce all of our eJuice using Certified Organic Products. Our products contain no nicotine, chemicals, or any of the other bad things you would normally find in a regular tobacco cigarette. Our VapeWare takes our Gourmet Organic eJuice and turns it into flavoured water vapor providing a delicious alternative to smoking. Crave Gourmet eJuice is a Nicotine & Tobacco Free product.

What is Crave VapeWare?

Crave VapeWare is a personal sized vaporizer that is designed to provide a craving alternative (a.k.a. an electronic cigarette). This provides the user with a feel that is similar to traditional smoking without the 4,000+ harmful chemicals that are found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Whether you are craving a cigarette or just a snack our delicious eJuice, brewed by our team of Chefs, packs the flavour you crave without harmful chemicals of cigarettes or high calorie content of junk food. It’s all quite simple, the battery powers a heating element in the atomizer, that heats our Organic eJuice to just the right temperature to turn it into delicious tasting water vapour for you to enjoy! The batteries can be recharged and the atomizers can be used repeatedly. 

How does it work?

Crave VapeWare converts flavoured Organic Vegetable Glycerin liquids (water-based) into a rapidly-dissipating water vapor. To activate your Crave Vapeware, simply inhale on the mouthpiece and the device will switch itself on. The micro controller illuminates the cool-touch glow and with controlled bursts of energy, atomizes the Gourmet eJuice. Crave Vapeware instantly delivers a precisely calibrated puff of refreshing flavored water vapor—for as long as you inhale and the indicator at the tip will light up. Then, as soon as you stop inhaling, Crave Vapeware will automatically turn itself off.

Manual units are also available allowing you to press a button to start the water vapor production.

Are electronic cigarettes a safe alternative?

Crave Gourmet eJuice is produced using Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients that are produced in FDA approved and inspected facilities. Then, following the secrete recipes developed by our Culinary Chef, these ingredients are combined to produce are increadible tasting Gourmet eJuice. The resulting product contains only a handful of ingredients opposed to the 4000+ chemicals found in conventional cigarettes.

Unfortunately we are not able to make any claims if our products will help you to quit smoking this is due to the technology being in it’s infancy stages and requires long-term clinical trials and testing. However, Crave Gourmet eJuice are certainly a healthier choice. Quitting smoking is something that is done by making an individual choice to quit and by never giving up once that decision is made. There are no silver bullets, you really have to want to quit and be committed to making it happen; any product will only be as successful as the individual using it wants it to be.

At Crave Gourmet eJuice, we have taken extra steps towards providing a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Many companies on the market today are using artificial products to produce their eJuice. Crave uses only natural and Certified Organic ingredients to produce our line of Gourmet eJuice providing the cleanest most refreshing tasting vapor on the market!

Is any smoke released during use?

No, when inhaling Crave Gourmet eJuice releases flavoured water vapor which is condensation (designed to imitate smoke) that vanishes in seconds without the hazardous effects of traditional smoking to the surrounding environment.

To anyone watching, Crave Gourmet eJuice gives the appearance of a traditional cigarette but only leaves behind a light scent of the flavour being enjoyed, and fresh breath. Imagine that, "smoking" actually improving your smell of your breath and clothes!

Is Crave Gourmet eJuice a Smoking Cessation product?

No. Crave Gourmet eJuice is not proven to be a cessation product at this time. Crave Gourmet eJuice provides an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

Can I use Crave Gourmet eJuice anywhere?

Crave Gourmet eJuice produces vapor which is harmless therefore can be used in all public places and does not fall within the Smoking bylaws as it is Nicotine & Tobacco Free.

Is Crave Gourmet eJuice cheaper than traditional cigarettes?



Who should use Crave Gourmet eJuice?



  • People with long smoking history, and suffering from uncomfortable feeling.
  • People who consider themselves to be "Casual" or "Social" smokers.
  • People working in no-smoking areas but with the habit of smoking.
  • People who are determined to smoke in a healthier way.


  • People under the legal age.
  • People without the habit of smoking.
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women.





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