April 14, 2014

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Air Canada policy forbids passengers from 'vaping' during flights

While no smoke is produced by vaping, should they be allowed on flights?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this one! Please comment below and get this discussion going!


An Air Canada flight crew did nothing to stop a man "vaping" an electronic cigarette during a flight from Calgary to Toronto two weeks ago, says a passenger.

On March 28, Calgary businesswoman Elizabeth Cole arrived at Calgary International Airport for a flight to Toronto. While waiting to board the plane, she says she noticed a man using the e-cigarette in line and figured the flight crew would make him stop once he was on the plane — but they did not.

"I was very surprised that it was allowed to happen," Cole said. "I don't understand how flight attendants did not see him. He wasn't hiding it."

Electronic cigarettes work by vapourizing a liquid which usually — but not always — contains nicotine. The vapour, which is sometimes flavoured to taste like mint or candy, is then inhaled, or "vaped."

Cole says she stood behind the man during boarding and watched him vape while getting on the plane.

She then moved to her seat behind the man and saw him continue to puff out vapour during the flight.

She says none of the flight crew told the man to stop, despite Air Canada policy stating passengers are forbidden to vape on their flights.



"Air Canada's policy, which crews are aware of and uphold, is that e-cigarettes are not permitted to be used on board Air Canada flights," said Angela Mah, a spokeswoman for the airline, in an email to CBC News.

"Had the crew been aware of or been alerted during the flight about the purported use of an e-cigarette on board, they would have addressed the matter immediately."

Flight crew lack of reaction confusing

Many e-cigarette makers advertise that their products will not set off airplane smoke alarms like traditional ignited cigarettes do, and spokespeople from both WestJet and Porter have admitted to CBC News they are not aware whether smoke detectors can detect the vapour.

Health Canada has not approved e-cigarettes for sale in Canada but also has not banned them.

Transport Canada also has not implemented specific rules banning the use of e-cigarattes on airplanes but rather has left the decision up to individual airlines.

However, the U.S. Department of Transportation officially banned the use of the devices in 2011, citing the unknown safety implications of e-cigarettes as a concern.

Both Air Canada and WestJet do ban the use of e-cigarettes on aircraft, but Cole says she had no idea about Air Canada's policy and would have spoken up had she known vaping was banned.

She says the flight crew's lack of reaction made her doubt whether the vaping passenger was doing anything wrong.

"It's kind of awkward to tell a flight attendant when the flight attendants are allowing it to happen," Cole said. "We don't know if it's a rule or not. If you complain about the individual sitting right next to you or right in front of you, what's going to happen if it's actually OK? Then you look like the person who just tattle-taled."

Announce ban during flight, Cole urges

Cole says she did confront the pilot and flight crew while getting off the plane — that's when she saw the passenger sitting beside the vaping man complain to the crew.

"They didn't apologize," she said. "They just said, 'Well, you should have told us.' Well, you should be looking out for puffs of [vapour] on your plane."

Along with several other people, Cole again complained to crew at the desk while waiting to pick up luggage at the baggage carousel.

They told her to send an email complaint to the airline, which she did. Two weeks later the airline replied, saying Cole should have told flight crew while it was happening.

For Cole, the entire experience has been disappointing and she says she would like to see Air Canada act to make sure people know vaping is forbidden.

"I think they need to treat it like smoking a cigarette and announce it at the beginning of the flight," she said. "This is not okay and it's not allowed."


You can find the Original Article at: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/air-canada-let-man-vape-e-cigarette-on-board-says-passenger-1.2607622

April 06, 2014


Crave ~ Canada's Economic Action Plan ~ Your Tax Dollars At Work Hurting Business

Hello Everyone, 


Like many of our fellow electronic cigarette retailers, we have been facing challenges directly resulting from controversial actions taken by Health Canada, CBSA, and the Government. Since 2009, Health Canada has been against the electronic cigarette movement and has ignored all the positives being reported by the users of e-cigarettes. 

To date, they can not provide anyone with details of any laws being broken by importing and selling electronic cigarettes, however those who do decide to import and sell electronic cigarettes have been treated much as you would expect criminals to be treated. Packages being imported into Canada are regularly seized or intentionally delayed at the border in an effort to cause issues in the industry. Merchant accounts allowing for the processing of transactions, as well as bank loans, grants, and other startup funding have been blocked. Misinformation and scare tactics are also being used in an effort to stunt the growth of the industry and/or eliminate it all together.

This is in direct contravention to what The Honourable Jim Flaherty has stated in every budget he has presented since becoming the Minister of Finance. Mr. Flaherty has requested Canadians start business, focus on international trade, job creation, and growth the economy. 

From the 2013 Canadian Economic Action Plan:

Helping Manufacturers and Businesses Succeed in the Global Economy 
(Chapter 3.2)


  • Announces economic and security initiatives that will implement Canada's commitments under the Canada-United States Beyond the Border Action Plan, with a view to ensuring the secure and efficient flow of legitimate goods and people across the border.
  • Enhances Canada's foreign trade zone policies and programs by reducing red tape, cutting costs, improving access to existing programs, and promoting Canada's foreign trade zone advantage. This will support Canadian manufacturers and business, building on the success of the Government's gateways and corridors approach to attract foreign investment.
  • Extends Export Development Canada's domestic activities in order to provide capacity in the domestic credit market to meet the needs of Canadian exporters, in a manner that complements private sector lenders.


However, the Canadian Government has demonstrated through their actions that this is not really a priority. We've been operating in Canada since 2011 focusing on growth of a new technology industry, as well as manufacturing products in Canada which are then exported internationally, adding to the Canadian GDP. Yet, we face many road blocks and red tape that slow growth and impacts our ability to create more jobs, as well as increase Canadian exports. Is this really what the Canadian Economic Action Plan was planned to do?

Below you will find a recent article from 'The Chronicle Herald' in Halifax discussing these issues.  


E-smoke retailers battling border seizures

 April 2, 2014 - 7:41pm 
 April 2, 2014 - 8:00pm

Electronic cigarette retailers say Ottawa is illegally seizing their products at the border.

Often the government then must release the packages when it can’t show a law is being broken.

“They’re harassing us, basically,” said Mitch Tarala, owner of the Saskatoon shop Vapor Jedi.

“Pretty much every week I have at least one package stopped at customs.”

Health Canada routinely seizes e-cigarettes flowing into Canada from the United States. Retailers sometimes have to wait weeks or even months before their products are released.

Health Canada says it will continue to refuse e-cigarette imports because they do not have market authorization. But the problem is the law says otherwise.

Health Canada treats e-cigarettes as a drug that needs market approval. But the Food and Drugs Act exempts nicotine inhalers as long as they release four milligrams of nicotine or less per dose.

Authorization is required if the products are advertised for their health benefits. But vendors have long caught on to this. To beat the law, they advertise them not as smoking-cessation devices but just as an alternative to cigarettes.

Health Canada has not laid any charges under the act against businesses selling e-cigarettes.

But several vendors The Chronicle Herald contacted say they have received cease-and-desist orders, despite not claiming health benefits for their products.

“If it is illegal, then there should be a law. And if there’s not a law, then you shouldn’t criminalize it,” said Shai Connors, owner of the End Vapor Shop in New Glasgow.

Connors said she was told to stop selling her e-cigarettes in December, but she refused because Health Canada couldn’t specify what law she was breaking.

Afterwards, her products started being seized at the border on the way from her United States manufacturer, said Connors.

Six packages were seized for up to two weeks at a time, she said.

After calling Health Canada and demanding to know what law was being broken, her packages were released. Connors said she has not had any packages seized after threatening legal action against Health Canada in January.

Cindy Lanning of RainbowVapor.com provided this newspaper with a sample cease-and-desist letter. Health Canada’s Therapeutic Products Directorate refers to e-cigarettes as a drug and says it has not been approved for sale in Canada.

The letter said Lanning’s violation of the law is “a serious concern that may result in more stringent enforcement action.”

She wrote back that her e-cigarettes do not qualify as a drug because she makes no therapeutic claims.

“Health Canada knows very well that since my product makes no therapeutic claims, it is literally impossible for any ‘market authorization’ to be granted,” Lanning wrote. “Health Canada cannot lawfully require a non-medical product making no medical claims to seek approval as a medicine.”

So far, her business has not been shut down.


This article can be found at: 



Please feel free to post your comments below as this is a very important topic!


March 27, 2014


Crave's Winter Wonderland Contest Winners Announced!


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February 03, 2014


Crave Get's A Little Camera Love On CBC Vancouver


We gotta give a big shout out to Kevin @ City Cigar in Vancouver!

City Cigar has been carrying Crave for a couple years now and has recently been interviewed twice by local news media!


City Cigar - the #1 Vancouver Tobacconist for Cuban and Non-Cuban Cigars, Pipes, and Hookah

"Canada's Largest Cigar Store"

City Cigar is the premiere cigar Store in Vancouver, BC, Canada with over 13 years of bringing the largest and finest selection of Cuban cigars and cigars from other countries to locals and celebrities.
Check out Kevin's interviews:



The Province




Way to go Kevin! Keep spreading the good word about electronic cigarettes!

January 12, 2014


Crave's Happy New Year's 'Raise A Glass' Contest Winners Announced!


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Happy New Year's 'Raise A Glass' Contest!


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December 27, 2013


Health Canada, Nicotine e-Cigarettes, and the Rules

Since we get so many comments, posts, and emails about our statement that nicotine containing eJuice is illegal in Canada, and there is so much mis information out there; Here it is from Health Canada themselves VIA CTV:

'In Canada, e-cigarettes that are sold with nicotine and/or in packaging that makes a health claim fall under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drugs Act, they say. And under that act, a manufacturer must apply to Health Canada for authorization to bring a new product to market.
A health claim might be wording that asserts that the device can help a person quit smoking or is safer to use than tobacco cigarettes.
To date, Health Canada has not approved any e-cigarettes under the Food and Drug Act, say the officials, which means that it is not legal to sell e-cigarettes with juice that contains nicotine in Canada.
Some proponents of e-cigarettes contest that assertion, suggesting e-cigarette juice containing nicotine is governed by the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations of 2001.
Health Canada disagrees. "That is wrong," one of the officials declares. "Definitely nicotine is regulated under the Food and Drugs Act."
The other Health Canada official said the department has taken "hundreds" of actions related to sales of e-cigarettes and nicotine, seizing some products, writing letters to inform merchants they must stop selling the combined products and working with Canada Border Services to stop importations of products. But vapers boast online that e-cigarettes with nicotine are easy to obtain here.'

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/e-cigarettes-take-social-scene-by-storm-pose-headaches-for-regulators-1.1605665#ixzz2ogokYrN7
December 19, 2013


French Smokeless Revolution

It wasn’t long ago that France was a country often experienced inside a cloud of smoke. Bars were cloaked in a pungent haze and ashtrays graced the tables of most restaurants, where smokers relished lighting up between courses. If restaurants offered non-smoking sections, cigarette smoke billowing into their typically minuscule quarters made them indistinguishable.

When bars and restaurants went smoke-free in 2008, the fallout wasn’t nearly as dramatic as anticipated, however. The country found its non-smoking rhythm, which turned out not to be so different from life as usual.

Although officially smoke-free inside, expansive cafe terraces remained cigarette-friendly. Far from banishment, it meant that smokers got the choice real estate in warm weather and in winter, they could cozy up under glowing heat lamps. Terraces covered in transparent plastic, canvas or even glass screens remain cigarette havens.

Unlike some countries, smokers are not treated as rejects in France, where upwards of 30 percent of the population still uses cigarettes.

Nevertheless, change is again in the air, this time in the form of the electronic cigarette: a quiet, smokeless revolution.

In a country where 73,000 deaths per year are attributed to smoking, a healthier version of cigarettes is being welcomed.

Bertrand Dautzenberg, a pulmonologist and chair of France’s Office of Smoking Prevention, says e-cigarettes have become a “contagious phenomenon” in the last year.

“It’s marvelous news in the fight against tobacco,” he says.

Hundreds of storefronts devoted to e-cigarettes have sprung up across France and converts can be found everywhere. In a trendy bar in the Oberkampf neighborhood in central Paris, a semi-reformed smoker waves his e-cigarette around like a wand, emphasizing his points and occasionally taking sanctioned indoor drags.

Although Health Minister Marisol Touraine earlier this year announced plans to ban e-cigarettes in all public spaces, including cafes and restaurants, that hasn’t happened. And while electronic cigarettes are officially forbidden on trains as well as the Metro, other spaces are more ambiguous or left up to proprietors’ discretion.

Electronic cigarettes can also be smoked, or “vaped,” much more covertly than the real thing. The subtle faux-glow of an electronic cigarette was glimpsed even during a recent evening opera performance.

Last month, Saint-Lo in Normandy became the first city in France to outlaw e-cigarettes in public buildings, following complaints from residents about the rise in “vapor” around town.

Created by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003, the e-cigarette relies on a battery-powered atomizer that heats up a chemical solution typically composed of nicotine, propylene glycol and other chemicals. Because the inhalation process doesn’t involve combustion, e-cigarettes are generally considered healthier than conventional cigarettes. People can choose the level of nicotine they want, which means smokers trying to quit can start at a higher nicotine level and eventually taper down.

The concept of the e-cigarette isn’t so different from the nicotine patch but for one crucial detail: gesture. Body language can have a significant impact, Dautzenberg says, citing the reassurance and familiarity of holding, inhaling and exhaling.

“They give the same pleasure with less expense and less danger,” he says of e-cigarettes.

A study published in November in the British Medical Journal The Lancet found that e-cigarettes had a slightly higher success rate than the nicotine patch in helping smokers quit or reduce cigarette consumption.

While e-cigarettes may be healthier than traditional cigarettes, recent studies have also questioned their safety. According to the World Health Organization, that “has not been scientifically demonstrated. The potential risks they pose for the health of users remain undetermined.”

A highly cited report published in the French magazine 60 Million Consumers described e-cigarettes as not as safe as originally and commonly assumed and potentially carcinogenic.

There is also the worry that non-smokers, particularly minors, may take up electronic smoking as a gateway to conventional smoking. Health Minister Touraine has advocated for e-cigarettes not to be sold to people under 16.

Health questions aside, many smokers in France are finding electronic cigarettes a smart economic choice. With Gauloises, Gitanes and other leading brands of cigarettes going for up to the equivalent of $8.70 to $9.30 a pack, consumers of e-cigarettes are already charting how much they can save.

Electronic cigarettes often come with free trials and typically cost between $48 and $136, with only batteries and liquid nicotine needing replacement over time. Perks include choice of flavor and varying levels of nicotine.

For doctors like Dautzenberg, the e-cigarette isn’t a solution as much as a promising opportunity. “They are infinitely less dangerous than cigarettes,” he says, “but of course more dangerous than smoking nothing at all.”


Source: http://www.salon.com/2013/12/14/cigarettes_in_france_disappear_without_the_cloud_of_smoke_partner/

December 02, 2013


Crave's November Falling Leaves Contest Winners Announced!


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November 25, 2013


Crave - Big Announcement!


Changing To Serve You Better!
First off, we want to say a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you for supporting Crave and our vision! Crave has been growing rapidly and is now to the point where we need to hire more staff and restructure our company to increase our service levels. We are receiving over 200 inbound contacts per day and our Chef has been trying his best to say on top of it all, however this has increased our return contact time beyond what we would like.
To serve you better and reduce our return contact time, we officially hired an Executive Sous Chef to help answer your questions, comments, feedback! Additionally, Crave has moved to a larger location in Metro Vancouver to allow us to increase our production capacity to meet the demand. We are also now scouting a location in Eastern Canada. Once established, we will be shipping from both Eastern and Western Canada to improve shipping times and reduce shipping costs!
New Executive Sous Chef
Chef Rodrigo Rodriguez
Executive Sous Chef


Chef José Rodrigo Rodriguez De León was born and raised in México. From a very young age, his interest in cooking was absolutely clear. After traveling to many destinations around the world, Chef Rodrigo settled in the Vancouver area permanently two years ago; Where he has continued to hone his culinary skills in Canadian kitchens. With a lifetime of passion, as well as 15 years of formal training and practical experience combined, Chef Rodrigo is continuously creating new dishes and perfecting his techniques.

'My vaping experience has been amazing! I have learned a lot - I am constantly geeking out with new mods and flavours, but most importantly I've quit smoking. I was a heavy smoker for years and I quit immediately after buying my first vaporizer. Vaping has given me the opportunity to taste Crave's organic e-juice flavours and it has made me a healthier person. I have combined my love of good food and e-juice flavours into an exceptional vaping experience.'


-Chef Rodrigo Rodriguez 
Chef Matt Heads To The Maritimes
New Crave Location, Coming Soon!
After 8 wonderful years in beautiful Vancouver, Chef Matt has returned to the East Coast in search of a New Crave Location, as well as the further development and expansion of Crave's Social Division. Crave is a company that intends to change the way that traditional business is conducted. Crave is designed to provide equal benefits to the community at large, as well as its shareholders. For every dollar that is earned by our shareholders (collectively, not individually), 1 dollar will be transferred into Crave's Social Division. The directive of Crave's Social Division is to invest the capital received directly into 'Real Projects' that create 'Real Positive Impacts' in communities to help 'Real People'. Crave is operating in this fashion to demonstrate to the business community that there is a 'New Way To Do Business'. Companies can be profitable and grow while positively impacting communities. 
"At Crave, we're not looking to be as wealthy as Warren Buffet. We'll settle for John Stewart and sleep well at night knowing that we've helped make a difference in the 'Real World'."
-Chef Matt Faucher
Keep your eye out for upcoming Crave Community Challenges for your chance to be a part of making a difference!
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November 25, 2013


Study Finds 74% of Smokers Quit with Ecigs AND that E-Cigarettes are Less Addictive than Tobacco Cigarettes

Over 70% of smokers surveyed in a recent University of London survey quit smoking using e-cigarettes, and 38% had not had a cigarette for more than a year.

Less Addictive

An arm is handcuffed to cigarettes.

Just 18% of ecig users thought e-cigs were as addictive as tobacco cigarettes.

The study also found that electronic cigarettes were less addictive than tobacco cigarettes.

Only 18% of users said cravings for e-cigarettes were as strong as for cigarettes, and vapers (e-cigarette users) also said that they were waiting longer  before having their first puff of the day.

This is not the first study to find e-cigarettes are less addictive – see A Clinical laboratory assessment of the abuse liability of an electronic cigarette.

Health Benefits

A woman stands on a beach, facing the sea, her arms held out.

Users reported improved breathing.

The study also found that smokers who had switched to vaping found a number of benefits:

  • greater ability to breathe
  • fewer cravings
  • less throat irritation and jaw aching

A survey we carried out in 2008 with the University of Alberta also found a number of health benefits to switching.

Zero Nicotine and How the EU Ban Would Send Ex-Smokers Back to Cigarettes

man smoking cigarette

The EU limit on nicotine could send vapers back to cigarettes.

Only one percent of users surveyed used zero nicotine ecigarettes – most used 0.8%.

The EU tobacco directive aims to allow a maximum of 0.4% nicotine in electronic cigarettes, which Chris Price of the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association (ECCA UK) believes would make it would make it useless for about 93% of electronic cigarette users.

Despite what the EU claims, the tobacco directive remains, in effect, a ban.

Possible Bias

Unfortunately, the results are likely to be somewhat skewed as they were recruited using a link from an e-cigarette retailer’s website. People who have tried and failed to use electronic cigarettes are obviously less likely to visit a website than people who are continuing to use electronic cigarettes.

Nevertheless, the survey adds weight to the growing number of studies (including this one and this one) which show that electronic cigarettes are more effective than other methods.

For the full study, see Vaping profiles and preferences, an online survey of electronic cigarette users (purchase required.) For why e-cigarettes might be more effective, see our posts on why ecigs work here and here.

Did ecigs help you stop smoking – and do you find them less addictive? Let me know what you think in the comments!

- See more at: http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/2013/04/survey-smokers-quit-ecigs-less-addictive.html#sthash.WB7XONpK.dpuf
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