What is Crave all about?

Crave is now in its 3rd year and we have expanded all across the globe thanks to you!!! Crave creates Canada’s Best Gourmet eJuice using only the Finest Natural & Organic ingredients! Crave is one of the only eJuice’s created by a Certified Real Seal Chef…Worldwide!

Our Gourmet eJuice has a smooth taste that is not overly sweet; it is jam packed with rich full flavour, and is naturally refreshing! Our eJuice can be used in electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, household vaporizers and diffusers, as well as flavouring coffee beans, tea leaves, herbs, spices, baked goods, and more!

Our Gourmet eJuice contains special flavour blends packing incredible aroma, taste bud tantalizing flavour and produces huge clouds of vapor! Make sure to look through our vast selection and try something new every time! You’ll be happy you did!

Chefs Fav Organic Flavours